10 Best Northwest Territory Tents 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

You don’t take any decisions when you determine what kind of tent you want.

All about the Northwest Territory Tents:

Northwest Territory offers a wide variety of low-cost choices, such as a 2-person Sierra Dome tent often under 50 bucks and large group camp tents such as the 12-person Grand Canyon tent.

The tents are also common with beginners as well as those who love family or party camping because of the simplicity and ease with which the construction takes place.

The budget tents be like:

Not every tent is fitted for every work and every scenario like with any budget tent. You can therefore use the details to assist you in buying the best tent for your condition in the Northwest Area.

You can find information below to help you choose the correct tent after your next trip, but first, you can take a look at some of the key aspects of some of the better north-west tents using our comparison table. A click on each tent would encourage you to read more customer reviews and give you a better understanding of their efficiency, apart from offering a quick look at their costs and sizes. You will then see if tents in NWT are worth the purchase for your next trip.

As with many other budget tent firms, in addition to tents for various purposes you will find tents in Northwest Territory in a number of different sizes. Family tents, small cupola tents, pop-up tents and more are available. Overall, they offer a range of small to medium-size dome tents, as well as the larger types, for camping in the lake and for families.

We have several variations that can accommodate up to 10 individuals and up to 12 persons. Their tent designs are common models.

Take into account these characteristics when choosing which tents to purchase:


From their strong canvas days, tents have been a long way. Most of the tents today are made from polyester treated for waterproofing. Many tents are still made of natural materials, but usually these items are too big and heavy for the typical caravan. They may have a kitsch call, but certainly they’re not practical.


The tents are rated in mm to repel wind. For starters, Mountain smith Morrison’s rainfly has a rating of 2000 mm that enables it to withstand 2000 mm per square inch of water. The base of the Mountain smith Morrison is 5000 mm bigger. The base of this tent thus is even more moisture-resistant than its ceiling and walls.

Ease of pitching:

Most people fear to pitch their tents, but many more new tents are easy to set up. The Big Agnes Copper Spur is, for instance, a free-standing tent with minimum staking conditions. And Coleman SunDome operators, a freestanding style as well, claim that their tents are especially easy to pitch.

Most tents, even if on your own, shouldn’t be too difficult to fit. But if you don’t want your own tents, it is always a choice to pitch a pop-up model.


When you sleep regularly— or camp in extreme circumstances — you need a sufficiently robust tent. Search for a model that is raving in harsh weather for its stability. For starters, with fly buckles and extra-large zippers and 3 durable poles, the ALPS Mountaineering Extreme Tent is given a rave review for its ability to resist the elements.

You won’t be too stressed about reliability if you just bring your tents out once or twice a year – when the weather is good. In addition, with tents you get what you pay for. So, the price (and therefore the durability) will not be as good if you are opting for a cheaper option.


The scale of your tent depends on the number of people in it. It’s funny, the descriptors are not quite accurate: ‘two people tent,’ ‘three persons tent,’ etc. Perhaps two individuals with a certain luggage will not comfortably match in a tents for two.


Most tents have black, green, or blue basic colours. However, when you’re searching, you can find tents with bright colours or fun patterns. This can be helpful at festivals where it can quickly be overlooked where you laid your tent, particularly in a sea of similar models.


The costs for tents will differ dramatically–from basic one-person tents costing 20 dollars to family-run tents costing more than $1,000.

You may have a good 3-person tent such as a SunDome Coleman from $40 to$50 if you need a camp for occasion and do not want to camp in rainy or roaring winds.

If you want a longer-lasting tent that lasts many years and stands up to harsh weather conditions, you have more than $100 to fill. The ALPS Mountaineering Extreme Tent is known for its roughness but not the most expensive triple tent on the market.

You expect a top tent like Big Agnes Copper Spur to pay several hundred. A tent of this size should stand tempests and last for years.

Different Types, Styles & Sizes:

  1. Backpacking:

Such tents are typically small and easy to bring. The tents are also designed so that they can be easily removed. One or two individuals are the smallest of this kind. Most of their tents are 8′X 7.5′′ and 9′X7′′. Among the most common of these styles is the North-West Dome Tent.

  1. Dome Tents:

The low to medium sized and big / crowd are the most popular types. Furthermore, each size has its own size features.

The tents usually range from whole to large enough for a small family, plus more.

The tents are small to medium-sized, suitable from 2-3 to 4-6 individuals. Most tents are in the 9 x 7 to 14 x 10 scale. The Silver Dome Tent and the First-Up Tent in the Northeast Territory are the two most common in this region.

  1. The Family/Large Northwest Territory Dome Tents:

The smallest can accommodate 6-8 persons in general. On average, 10 adults can accommodate most of the bigger tents. Usually these tents start at 17 ft X 12 and go up to 19.3 X16.5.

  1. Cabin Tents:

Such tents appear to be stronger than the cupolas. Therefore, they have a wider range to choose from. 14 X 14 is one of the most common dimensions of this kind. Many cottages or holiday homes can hold up to 12 guests. The holiday home with wardrobe is one of the most common among these kinds.

Some examples of the different variations are:

  1. Tent in the theme of cabana.
  2. House of holiday (with and without wardrobe).
  3. Living rooms in Cabana Theme.
  4. Bay of Bristol.
  5. Family Home. Community Home.
  6. Farmhouse.
  7. Church.

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Tents are among the cheapest sleeping tents in the north west region.

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